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What Do You Pretend Not To Know?

Do you realize that what you pretend not to know is getting in the way of all that is possible for you?  We often leave things in the back burner in indecision, waiting and waiting for the answer to come or for it to go away.  We pretend not to see the “RED SIGNS” that tell us to not go ahead with something.  We pretend that we are not hurt so show up angry.  We pretend that we are happy.  We pretend that everything is OK.  We pretend to not know things or notice things.  We pretend that we are victims when we clearly know we are responsible.  I could go on and on and on over everything that we tend to pretend.  But let’s be honest, is it serving you or anyone?  Avoiding what is and not accepting what is holds us hostage.  Not making decisions is a cloud hanging over your shoulder tiring you out to exhaustion.  We are always at choice and noticing what you are pretending not to know could be the beginning of a new life.  Might sound silly, but try it!  See what happens.  What would your life be like if you took risks more often and trusted yourself that you can figure things out along the way.  What if you stopped ignoring the “RED SIGNS”, you would no longer sabotage yourself in that way.  What if you just allowed your self to experience sadness and hurt, there would be one less angry person in this world.  What if you would start making decisions, you would have peace of mind and everything would fall in place.  You can pretend with others but ultimately you have to live with you.  You are the one who lives with all this pretending.  I am challenging you.  Write down all the things that you have been pretending not to know.  Then really be with it.  How has this been serving you and how has it been holding you back?  More importantly, who is paying the prices?  Please Share.  I would love to hear what you have learned from this experience.


Are You Ready For A Relationship?

Are you really ready for a relationship?  There are so many people signed up on dating websites and working with matchmakers to find their soul mate.  But are they even ready to create a new healthy and unconditional loving relationship?  Often people carry on the baggage of a life time to the next relationship and the only thing that happens is that they create a relationship that looks different and still create the same result as they did in previous relationships.  Does self-love determine our choice?  Yes, indeed.  If we are desperate for love we will settle for crumbs and come from a place of neediness and the other person becomes our life.  But if we love ourselves we look to meet someone that we can give our love to and share our life with.  If you are in search of a mate ask yourself “Who am I”?  It is so important to be clear who you are, what is most important to you, what are your values, what is your worth and that you be solid in your stand of who you are.  Creating a relationship coming from a solid place allows you to not sell out on yourself and settle for what is not for you. It is also very unlikely to lose yourself to another.  If you are looking for a person that is a 10 then you get to be a 10 or be taking committed steps towards it.  Do not ignore the red signs.  Often people overlook the very obvious when meeting someone or pretend to not know that there are red signs everywhere.  The signs say this persons values are not in alignment with mine and they end up getting caught up in the physical attraction.  Years later they are complaining about what they knew from the beginning.  Don’t be that person.  Be honest with yourself.  Life is precious and so is time.  You are worthy of having the relationship you desire.  Do not sell out on yourself.


Awaken your spirit!  Yes this may sound airy fairy to some and real to some of you.  But really think about it.  Is your spirit alive?  Are you living a life full of passion, joy and fun?  Or is everything a “have to”?  Are you smelling the roses all around you or are you missing the point?  Too busy to see all of your blessings and embracing them?  Awaken your spirit by taking the time to take in every moment and every person you come across.  If you are not careful your spirit will die.  I know it sounds dramatic, but think about it.  So many things happen in our lives that may be very testing and even painful. If we are not connected to our blessings our spirit begins to die and we lose touch of who we are and what we want.  Before you know it you will be surviving life instead of living it.  Life is precious and so is time.  Use it wisely for tomorrow is not promised and life is happening right now.  Acknowledge all your blessings every day and experience a fueled spirit that has been longing for passion and joy.  Live in the moment and embrace it all.  Today has never happened and will never happen again.


Say “Yes” to you!

It’s time to start saying “Yes” to you.  How often do you put your commitments aside to be there for others?  Did you ever stop to think that when you put your commitments and your fun time aside to be there for others that you are saying “No” to you.  I invite you to notice how often you say “No” to you.  Now, I am not saying to not be there when others need you.  What I am saying is don’t sell out on yourself by doing for others at your expense. Saying “Yes” to you is how you tell yourself that you love yourself and that you are worthy of having it all.   Always think “win, win”.  Ask yourself, how can I say “Yes” to me and say “Yes” to them as well?  Often we jump to help others who really do not need help therefore enabling them.  Or we spend our time doing for others to avoid ourselves.  Remember that saying “Yes” to you will give you more energy, therefore be able to be there for others in a bigger way.  You are worthy of everything it is that you want.