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Life without Failure

What if you removed the word “FAILURE” from your vocabulary?  It is often said ” transform your words and transform your world”.  What if there was no such thing as failure.  Failure only exist because you said so.  Because maybe you bought into the idea that “FAILURE” existed.  All this word has ever done for anyone is give them a reason to beat themselves up, live in regret, distrust themselves and their abilities, feel pity and sorry for themselves, feel resentment, anger and guilt and create inaction or sabotaging opportunities.  I can go on and on about this word.  Getting caught up in FAILURE is not going to get you anywhere.  In fact, the longer you stay in that experience the more reasons you will come up with why you are a failure or why you failed.   Thus causing more breakdowns in your life getting you further and further from what you really want to create for yourself.  Then you become cautious and are afraid to reach for your goals professionally and personally.  I have heard people say “I failed my relationship and now I am divorced”.  How is that interpretation going to make them feel about themselves and about starting a new relationship?  Now what if you change the interpretation of this particular type of experience?  What if instead of “failure” you simply learned how not to do something.  Another way to look at it is that you simply learned what does not work.  Now coming from this type of interpretation you can bring the lessons from the past to the present and the future.  Now coming from this place you can also create something amazing and something new.  Remember every moment is a new moment.  We cannot bring back the last second, all we have is right now and the future.  Know that all along you have a choice of how you will interpret things.  So ask yourself if how you are interpreting a particular experience is holding you back or serving you?  You are as powerful as your interpretations.  Remember U Have A Choice.


Awaken your spirit!  Yes this may sound airy fairy to some and real to some of you.  But really think about it.  Is your spirit alive?  Are you living a life full of passion, joy and fun?  Or is everything a “have to”?  Are you smelling the roses all around you or are you missing the point?  Too busy to see all of your blessings and embracing them?  Awaken your spirit by taking the time to take in every moment and every person you come across.  If you are not careful your spirit will die.  I know it sounds dramatic, but think about it.  So many things happen in our lives that may be very testing and even painful. If we are not connected to our blessings our spirit begins to die and we lose touch of who we are and what we want.  Before you know it you will be surviving life instead of living it.  Life is precious and so is time.  Use it wisely for tomorrow is not promised and life is happening right now.  Acknowledge all your blessings every day and experience a fueled spirit that has been longing for passion and joy.  Live in the moment and embrace it all.  Today has never happened and will never happen again.