Happy New Year!!!!

Today is a new day, a new year.  We put so much energy on the new year, but the fact is that every moment is a new moment.  The only difference is that the number of the year has changed.  It’s up to us how we want to interpret what is a new beginning.  If today is a new beginning for you, what does that mean?  What is your commitment to your goals? How is this year going to be different than last year?  What did you learn last year that will forward you this year?  What ways of being are going to support you in making this the most extraordinary year ever?  What will you be doing different?  One thing is to make a list of goals and the other is to actually make them happen.  Take this opportunity to connect with what your commitments are and get clear as to what it is going to take from you to make them happen.  Are you committed beyond convenience to achieve your goals?  Life will happen to you or for you and that is a given.  Will you allow yourself to be derailed?  Never, ever give up!  You can have it all and you are worthy of having it all. Surround yourself with people that challenge you and stand for you and your vision for yourself.  Hire a coach or get a mentor.  You don’t have to do it all alone and you want to have people there to push you and motivate you when things get challenging.  Have a detailed plan of the steps you will need to take to achieve your goals and set deadlines for each step.  Have fun along the way.  One more thing, remember to smell the roses along the way.

Wishing you a PHENOMENAL year.

Your Coach,

Sandylu Guerrero

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