The Inspiration behind Life’s Choice Coaching

My name is Sandylu Guerrero and I am the founder of Life’s Choice Coaching.  A few years back I found myself lost, hurt, angry, confused, insecure and lonely until I chose to take action and do something different.  I chose to take a transformational  journey that changed my entire outlook on life and brought me back to life and living.  My parents death has been my inspiration to taking on life coaching.  My parents were very loving, funny and giving people, however they were very unhappy for many years.  They had gone through so much in their life but did not know how to cope with it.  In 1997 my brother was killed on a random freeway sniper shooting and it took a toll on my entire family.  We all allowed this event to kill a big part of our spirit and our joy.  My mother died due to a head injury from a fall she had on mother’s day in 2002.  My mother and father had started a business and they were just beginning to see a glimpse of  joy coming back when she past.  It was heartbreaking to have seen her suffer with alcoholism and depressing for so many years.  Unfortunately, she was unhappy until the day she died.  My father lived miserable and even more depressed for the next 7 years.  Although he said he loved life he just could not find a way to fully live it.  It was heartbreaking.  I found myself following in my parents footsteps of depression when I chose to take action and seek support and coaching.

For the last 21 years I have worked with small businesses and large corporations. I have been employed as a Receptionist, Administrative Assistant, Accounts Payable Manager, Accounts Receivable Manager, Payroll and Human Resources Assisted. In 2003 I obtained my California Real Estate License where I sold homes and processed loans for many years. I then ventured into the property management field where I oversaw many properties across Southern California. Soon after I entered into the Low Income Housing field for families and seniors as Property Manager and land leases for a manufactured home community as a Community Manager. I have experience in many aspects of business and have ran other people’s business for years. I have acquired an enormous amount of experience and knowledge that allows me to not only support people personally but also in growing their own businesses. I have been mentored and trained by some of the best transformational trainers and coaches to use all my skills and experiences to support people with their personal and professional goals. I believe that in order to achieve the amazing results in any area of our life it takes a certain mindset and way of being. Often people have the skill set to achieve their goals but lack the direction and or confidence.

I have dedicated the last few years of my life to supporting others in their breakthroughs and their personal and professional goals.  More importantly their relationship with themselves. This makes all the difference in the kind of result they will get in any area of their life. My intention is to empower others to live life to its fullest no matter what the circumstances and experiences.  So that they could be the best boss, father, mother, friend, wife, husband, leader that they can possibly be.  So that when they leave this world they know that they lived a life of integrity, giving, peace, love and joy with no regrets.  This is my stand and wish for all mankind. No Child should see their parents suffer and no parents should cause suffering.  We all have a choice to allow the past to define our present and our future or use the past to support your growth and empower you in your present or future.

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