Who is Judging Who?

Let’s talk about judgment and image.  There are those who constantly worry about their image and what everyone is going to think or say about them.  Why do we worry so much?  What has us worry?  Is it possible that it is because approval, acknowledgement or validation of others is being sought?  Is it possible that you are worried that others may judge you the way you judge others?  Or is it because you are already in judgment of yourself?  When we are doubtful of our integrity in any form or way we worry that others might judge us because we already made ourselves wrong about what we are doing, thinking or feeling.  Do you find yourself constantly in judgment of you?  If you interpret most things as good/bad, right/wrong, win/lose or would have, could have, should have you are setting yourself up to  judge yourself and others harshly.  This way of interpreting things hold us back from taking on challenges and risks that lead us to any and all of our goals.  It is limiting.  Know that our best varies.  When we are ill our 100%  is different than when we are feeling healthy and that you do what you do based on what you know at the time.  Take the time to acknowledge yourself.  The most important acknowledgement is the one you give yourself.  You do not need anyone’s validation or approval but your own.  Practice compassion with you and forgive yourself for your breakdowns.  If you practice compassion for you, then you will practice compassion for others.  If you practice compassion for others you will see that your relationship with them will transform and instead of you judging them and them judging you, you support and empower each other unconditionally.  U Have A Choice.

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