Say “Yes” to you!

It’s time to start saying “Yes” to you.  How often do you put your commitments aside to be there for others?  Did you ever stop to think that when you put your commitments and your fun time aside to be there for others that you are saying “No” to you.  I invite you to notice how often you say “No” to you.  Now, I am not saying to not be there when others need you.  What I am saying is don’t sell out on yourself by doing for others at your expense. Saying “Yes” to you is how you tell yourself that you love yourself and that you are worthy of having it all.   Always think “win, win”.  Ask yourself, how can I say “Yes” to me and say “Yes” to them as well?  Often we jump to help others who really do not need help therefore enabling them.  Or we spend our time doing for others to avoid ourselves.  Remember that saying “Yes” to you will give you more energy, therefore be able to be there for others in a bigger way.  You are worthy of everything it is that you want.


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