Something is Not Better than Nothing – To be Single or Not to be

Are you single or in a relationship that may not be for you? Have you settled? Do you think that having something is better than nothing? Have you considered the opportunities that you may be missing because you settled? Everyone that comes into our lives provides us something that we need at that time. So depending in what mental or emotional state you are in you will attract someone who fills what you may be needing at the time. Although they give you something that you have been wanting or needing they may also come with a lot of what you don’t want. With that being said you may find yourself in a relationship that does not serve you. It is so important to be honest with yourself. Only you know what you want and need from a relationship. In this day and age we live very busy lives and making the time for someone can be challenging. Time is precious so how and with who you choose to spend your time with matters. Why settle for crumbs when you can have the whole cake.
First off be clear, who are you? What do you want? What are your non-flexible deal breakers? What is most important to you? Ask yourself “why would anyone want to be with you”? How will being with you make someone else’s life even better? What do you have to bring to a relationship? What do you want to give of yourself? Often people go in search of relationships not being clear of what they want or who they are. They go in search of a relationship in the hopes that another person can complete them or make life better for them. This is not good nor bad but not the best way to go into a relationship. Then your happiness and sense of self would be dependant of this relationship. This is a lot to put on another person and also risky. It is risky because it is inevitable that people will leave us or we will leave them either by death or by choice. At the end you will always have you and the relationship with yourself. However, how would life be like for you if you already felt complete on your own? Would it be possible that bringing another person to your already amazing life would only make it that much more amazing? YES!!! Of course it would!
So before you go looking for a relationship, look into yourself first. Get grounded in who you are. Most importantly accept all of you, the good the bad and the ugly. You know the areas in your life that could use improvement. Focus on building your self confidence if you are having challenges. If you feel really confident, then get clear on what you want and go for it! There are many amazing people and it is important that you believe that to be true. This will allow you to see the greatness in others instead of their flaws. When those flaws pop up then you can decide if they are part of you non-flexible deal breakers and go from there. Never settle for crumbs!!! You are worthy of having the whole cake.