My experience with Life’s Choice Coaching with Sandylu has really been life-changing.  I’ve changed in many ways physically and emotionally.  My mindset will never be the same.  I walked in being broken and doubting myself.  My mindset now is a very positive, a new me.  I’m so excited about my business, career, and future.  I’m excited to share my change with others and make a difference with everything I’ve learned and taken in me.

~Diana Villa – Age 25 – Paralegal & Real Estate Agent

Master My Life a 90-Day Program for Successful Latinas who want more out of life to find happiness, fulfillment, and focus.
It’s time to Master your Life so you can be the woman you desire to be for yourself, your family, and the important people in your life.
12 – 2 Hour Weekly Group Coaching Sessions.
What we cover:
My Four Point Framework:

1.) My Appraisal Assessment – A deep dive into 8 Core domains of your life, Relationship with self & Emotional State to get a clear starting point and setting goals to clear your space to focus and create your bigger goals.

2.) The Foundation – Creating a solid foundation of who you are, what you want, and what is important to you and stepping into who you get to be to step into your next level.

3.) 25 Principles to Life Mastery – Principles and practices that help you master your life by getting through your life journey with peace, joy, gratitude, and creating the results that you desire.

4.) Master Plan – Creating clear professional and/or personal goals, along with coaching, support, and accountability through the entirety of the program.

What we will be working on:

☑️  Creating a loving relationship with yourself
☑️  Building your self-confidence and taking on to the next level
☑️  Breaking through limiting beliefs and changing your story
☑️  Understanding your triggers and your ego
☑️  Dealing with Stress and Anxiety
☑️  Decluttering your exterior space and your inner emotional/mental space
☑️  Letting go of past hurts
☑️  Enhancing your personal and professional relationship through understanding their love languages, personality styles, and communication.
☑️  Learning empowering, forwarding transformative language
☑️  Stepping into your Power and Owning your voice
☑️  Embodying and stepping into the Women you aspire to be
☑️  Taking risks and trusting yourself
☑️  Owning your voice and owning your power
☑️  Creating clear professional and/or personal goals and making them happen with a clear time and date commitment.

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