Business Consulting – Coaching and Trainings

Business consulting and coaching is designed to fill the client’s needs.  The initial consultation begins with an over-all evaluation of business practices and the product.  Then a plan is created based on the needs of the company that can use improvement which includes increasing revenue, customer service, employee relations, organization and time management.  Based on the company’s need this can include employee and / or management training’s and coaching.  We understand that every company is unique and we can design a program that can specifically fit your needs and your budget. We also work with self employed small business owners who could use some accountability, organization and empowerment to grow their business to the next level.

We also facilitate EQ Workshops and Personality Styles. These are workshops focusing on enhancing emotional intelligence. This can be supportive to an employer / employee to creating healthy personal and professional relationships. These workshops can improve employee and employer relations, business relationships, increase sales, employee productivity and loyalty.
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