My experience with Life’s Choice Coaching with Sandylu has really been life changing.  I’ve changed in many ways physically and emotionally.  My mindset will never be the same.  I walked in being broken and doubting myself.  My mindset now is a very positive, a new me.  I’m so excited about my business, career and future.  I’m excited to share my change with others and make a difference with everything I’ve learned and taken in me.

~Diana Villa – Age 25 – Paralegal & Real Estate Agent

This 6 week online group coaching program takes place in an intimate, nurturing, personal and relaxed setting in the comfort of your home. we use the Zoom Conference Live Platform for all our meetingd. Participants meet once a week for 2 hours for 6 weeks. It is an opportunity for women to take time just for themselves and focus on what is important to them. It is an opportunity to connect with other women and learn from each other. This setting allows participants to also give each other advice and learn from each other. We identify what is working and what is not working. We encourage and empower our participants be, do have whatever it is that their heart desires. Participants also create a six week Intentional Strategic Plan where they set goals with a step by step plan to achieve them. This is a diverse group of women from all walks of life and professions. All participants sign an agreement of confidentiality allowing participants to be open, honest and vulnerable. Our goal is to empower Women to live a life full of passion, gratitude and empowerment to create and live the life that they desire.

* Setting Goals & Declarations
* Using Time Purposefully and Efficiently
* Creating Healthy and Loving Relationships
* Build Self Confidence
* Reduce Stress & Anxiety
* Create A Balanced Life
* Embracing Femininity & Sexuality
* Empowering Transformative Language & Habits
* Women Empowering Women
* Accountability
* Support, Motivation, Empowerment

* Girl Talk – A Safe space to speak about everything and anything

Women’s Revival Virtual Group
Live Online Coaching

6 Week Group Coaching Program

BEGINS October 16th, 2017

7:00PM – 9:00PM PDT

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