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WARNING: If You're A Business Owner And Want To Make Time For ​Your Friends And Family (even if Business Is Chaotic)​... Then Book A FREESession!

After ​8 years of ​working with high level business owners and professionals, the one thing they each run into is balancing their personal life while pursing their careers. Coaching is the most effective way to bring it all together.

​Let's Explore Your Options:

​Step 1

​You fill out the coaching application. This allows me to get to know you and your situation so that you can get the most out of our time together.

​Step 2

​You schedule and appointment with me to go over your application. ​Pick the day and time that is best for you with no interruptions.This time is dedicated to you.

​Step 3

You call into your session on time and w​e will discuss your specific situation and see if we are a fit in working together or refer you ​to a professional who can support you.

​Who Is Sandylu?

My entrepreneurial journey started in 2006, when I dropped out of university. I went from offline business in the hardware market to ecommerce to affiliate niche sites and from hungry and desperate to well-fed and successful.

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